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Escuela Sec. General #2

Escuela Secundaria General # 2- Jose Clemente Orozco

San Cosme No. 201,
Fraccionamiento San Cayetano

Principal:                                                      Economic Level:
María Guadalupe Galván Guitrón                  Middle High

Number of Students:                                  Number of Teachers:
700                                                                39

Sitio de Webhttp://www.google.com

Intern Documentos

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Fátima Macías - Intern


Hello, My name is Fátima Macías, and I am a TeachUp! Intern at Escuela Sec. #2. I am so excited to be working with the teachers in my school to incorporate some of today's latest technologies in the classroom. My very favorite technology that we are using in my school this year in the Flip Camera. I love seeing how excited the students get when they get to complete their assignments and projects using technology. I cannot wait to see what the year holds in store for the teachers and students at Escuela Sec. #2, and I know it will be fantastic. (**Each Intern should write a section for their page similar to this.)

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